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Irrigation Pond
Southeast overlook of irrigation pond.
Our first irrigation system consisted of a rusty old tank and 3 hp Homelite pump system of fill the tank and move the large steel tank to individually water each tree planted. This system was not only cumbersome, but the moving of the steel tank empty itself was impractical.

We then progressed to using a pto pump and a 4” aluminum towline and 2” aluminum line with garden hoses attached at various points along the sprinklers and fittings with a faucet to water individual trees planted. The pto pump was used to fill our pond and from the pond we repositioned the pto pump to water the orchard.

The 2” aluminum line was used from 1985 on through the present day of our orchard until a more elaborate and solid set irrigation system was put in place. The 4” towline pipe was set aside for establishing windbreaks around the orchard..

The installing of the present solid set irrigation system started in 1985 up to 1992 and helped immensely in providing a better plan at watering the trees.

The system was designed from an engineer in Wenatchee, Washington and a local surveyor was hired to survey the elevation points for later interpretation from the designer of our irrigation system.

The solid set irrigation system consists of electric pumps to pressurize the system. A diesel pump is used to fill our pond up from Oahe Reservoir and this is a portable system to follow Lake Oahe as it recedes.

Lake pump to dam
It wasn’t until 1988. a drought year when we decided to purchase our present diesel pump to pump water from the Oahe Reservoir to fill the pond.

10” and 8” pipe is used to fill the dam pond up with distancing from 2,200’ up to 2 miles when the lake level fluctuates during low lake levels.

The solid set system includes a mainline, sub main line and lateral lines with gate valves for each lateral lines. The lateral line run anywhere from 110’ to 770’ long in distance and are either PVC or polyethylene type of pipe. Various impact and rotator sprinklers are used to irrigate the orchard.

This irrigation system covers a total of 97 acres and has been an involved project from our late dad, Newell Krause purchasing and installing with James Krause, and Christopher Krause. installing and maintaining the system.

In the fall of each year the water system is purged with an air compressor to prevent breakage of the pvc and polyethylene water lines during the winter months.
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