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12oz & 8oz Honey bear

Each spring honey bees are either purchased or overwintered for pollination. The bees are used for pollination of our apple blossoms and also for pollinating various flowers during the season after the apple bloom. One of these
flowers is yellow clover and from that flower sweet clover honey is derived.

One of the side benefits of purchasing the honey bees is our own honey. Within the last
2 years we purchased a motorized extractor to extract honey for ourselves and to sell

We intend to expand the retail side of the honey sales and hopefully provide small gift
boxes with honey and also future gift apple boxes with honey.

For the 2008 season we have honey to sell in the 8 oz and 12 oz honey bear sizes.
The apple gift sales though will start in the Fall of 2009.

We can ship in quantity to any location within the Continental United States using USPS
priority mail and/or the lowest price route available to your household.

The honey we sell is not pasteurized and is one of the few foods that has the ability to
not support bacteria growth.

The honey bear container is sealed with a safety seal within the flip top cap.

Please call for current prices.

If more honey bears are needed to be purchased than please call/email and we can
arrange a larger order to save on postage for your own gift ideas.

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