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About the Orchard
about the orchard
About The Orchard

Sunset at the Orchard
Krause Family Orchard & Nursery, Inc. came into existence with our dad, Newell and mom Elizabeth Krause, along with the two sons, James and Christopher Krause starting the orchard in the Spring of 1984. The previous year in 1983 our dad and my brother James Krause searched for land that was suitable for an orchard.

The actual planting of the orchard started in 1984 and continued until 1992 with about 23 different varieties of eating, cooking and pollenizer trees were tried out to see what would grow the best at this location. Both seedling and clonal rootstock have been used as a rootstock for each variety.

The orchard has approximately 8,000 trees planted spread over 80 acres of land and is fully irrigated with a solid set sprinkler system.

Honey bees from a local commercial beekeeper have been regularly purchased since 1997 to provide for our spring pollination program. The side benefit of the purchased bees is the collection of honey for own personal use and has also been sold at a retail level.

In August of 2008 the cropland and pasture ground adjoining the orchard was certified organic.

The orchard follows Integrated Pest Management program with minimal spray input and various organic methods are used like mulching to suppress weeds & grass, monitor traps for insect pressure, and plain old observation skills.

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